The Definitive Editions

In 2021 Holmgard Press embarks on the ambitious task it was born for - getting every single Lone Wolf book into print, in a format with a consistent look and feel. Something that has never existed:

- 32 books with cover art from Alberto Dal Lago.
- 32 books with Francesco Mattioli cartography.
- 32 books reviewed, revised & approved by Scriptarium, Raven & Project Aon.
- 32 books from a single publisher with consistent formatting.
- 32 books with original artwork from a single illustrator, Rich Sampson AKA Nerdgore.

The release of Book One has been delayed due to Coronavirus, and we are aiming for Book One to launch some time in 2021.
They will not include the Bonus Adventures - which will be published as a separate collection in the future.
We will also publish paperback versions designed for the mass market.


  • Jim Lawrence

    I’m all in. Just tell me who to pay! I would love to have a copy of each book

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Excellent news! I also used to play the French version when I was a kid. I’ve been looking to get the whole series in English original version for a while, but lost interest after seeing all the different editions with their different formats and their gaps. I wouldn’t mind backing the whole collection in advance, but am just worried about how it would work with international shipping.

  • Jonathan

    I played these books in French as a kid. The pages of these low quality paperbacks would come off easily and the maps were in black and white
    I was taken aback by the beauty of the color maps when I discovered project Aion last year. I believe that any good book diserves to be beautiful and I’m looking forward to the definive edition!

  • Wajih

    I am very happy to read this news, and commit to purchase the books as they get published. Happy also to see paperback is in the plans, I still believe while hardcover is nice to display, paperback is easier to play through and flip through. Please release both at the same time, hardcover and paperback.

    Also, a package deal would be great. Magnamund would secure financial support, we would be secured knowing we will get the books as they get released. Win-win.

  • Jonathon Barnes

    This sounds like an Interesting and exciting project. Look, the Mongoose hardbacks were good but they had printing errors, inconsistencies, typos and they couldn’t always get the title right (book 12). The manticore hardbacks were better but again there was a slightly different look.
    This is no reflection on Joe and it was great that the books were in print. The alternative is that they were not.
    But to now have a whole set of new versions that will match the quality of the Holmgard Press editions sounds fab.
    Is there a chance to bring everything to one place, there are different LW projects ran by different providers on Kickstarter. I backed some Megara ones and I’m a backer of the LW maps! It can get confusing as to what is being produced by whom and where.
    I love the fact the current Holmgard press books uses the original artwork, but then I was an original fan, so I like the Gary chalk art as well.
    But this sounds very good indeed. Thanks for your efforts Holmgard Press! I have original paperbacks for my boys but I’ll happily collect them a set of these! The FF books are still in print and as we know, LW is better :)

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