The Definitive Editions

In 2021 Holmgard Press embarks on the ambitious task it was born for - getting every single Lone Wolf book into print, in a format with a consistent look and feel. 

Edited by dedicated Lone Wolf scholars at Scriptarium and Project Aon - and with new additional material compiled by Authors August Hahn, Vincent Lazzari, and Joe's son Ben Devere - this collectable hardback is an authoritative, lasting testament to the first Lone Wolf adventure. 

- 32 books with cover art from Alberto Dal Lago.
- 32 books with Francesco Mattioli cartography.
- 32 books reviewed, revised & approved by Scriptarium, Raven & Project Aon.
- 32 books from a single publisher with consistent formatting.

The Definitive Editions are all released in bundles of two or three - to allow you to consolidate orders and save on shipping. For example:

Shipping ONE book to the USA costs $21.90 each
Shipping THREE books to the USA costs $13.45 each


  • David Beck

    This is fantastic news and I look forward to supporting this project. Best wishes to you all!

  • jay wozny

    I’m in!! Will check the site frequently to see when book #1 is released and have already signed up for the newsletter. You guys should consider a subscription program.

  • Jim Lawrence

    I’m all in. Just tell me who to pay! I would love to have a copy of each book

  • Jean-Sebastien

    Excellent news! I also used to play the French version when I was a kid. I’ve been looking to get the whole series in English original version for a while, but lost interest after seeing all the different editions with their different formats and their gaps. I wouldn’t mind backing the whole collection in advance, but am just worried about how it would work with international shipping.

  • Jonathan

    I played these books in French as a kid. The pages of these low quality paperbacks would come off easily and the maps were in black and white
    I was taken aback by the beauty of the color maps when I discovered project Aion last year. I believe that any good book diserves to be beautiful and I’m looking forward to the definive edition!

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