The Definitive Editions

In 2021 Holmgard Press embarks on the ambitious task it was born for - getting every single Lone Wolf book into print, in a format with a consistent look and feel. Something that has never existed:

- 32 books with cover art from Alberto Dal Lago.
- 32 books with Francesco Mattioli cartography.
- 32 books reviewed, revised & approved by Scriptarium, Raven & Project Aon.
- 32 books from a single publisher with consistent formatting.
- 32 books with original artwork from a single illustrator, Rich Sampson AKA Nerdgore.

The release of Book One has been delayed due to Coronavirus, and we are aiming for Book One to launch some time in 2021.
They will not include the Bonus Adventures - which will be published as a separate collection in the future.
We will also publish paperback versions designed for the mass market.


  • Walter

    Very much looking forward to the Definitive Editions. Thanks for keeping this alive for the many existing fans (and the future fans)! I particularly love Francesco Mattioli’s maps because they preserve everything that is good in Gary Chalk’s original maps. It would be great to have these maps in a deluxe edition where we don’t have to fold them. And maybe you could someday republish all the different artwork from all the editions? Keep up the great work!

  • Kent

    Will this include the Greystar World of Lone Wolf Books.

  • Mike

    Hi very excited to hear of the re release of the books. I have signed up to the news letter but have yet to receive any information.

  • Lee

    Ive signed up for the newsletter but didnt get a confirmation email so not sure if it set up correctly and i dont wanna miss out on this. Im really interested in this collection and want to get my hands on book 1. Any idea when you might be taking pre-orders?

  • Sean

    I started on Lone Wolf in 1987 when I was 12 and it was one of the greatest times of my life. My imagination blew up and my loyalty was sealed forever between the cartography, the stories and Gary Chalk’s art, something that still strongly influences me today. I even wrote to Joe in 1988 and sent him money for the Companion which I still have a value highly. Thanks everyone in Magnamund for keeping the world alive.

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