The Definitive Editions

In 2021 Holmgard Press embarks on the ambitious task it was born for - getting every single Lone Wolf book into print, in a format with a consistent look and feel. Something that has never existed:

- 32 books with cover art from Alberto Dal Lago.
- 32 books with Francesco Mattioli cartography.
- 32 books reviewed, revised & approved by Scriptarium, Raven & Project Aon.
- 32 books from a single publisher with consistent formatting.
- 32 books with original artwork from a single illustrator, Rich Sampson AKA Nerdgore.

The release of Book One has been delayed due to Coronavirus, and we are aiming for Book One to launch some time in 2021.
They will not include the Bonus Adventures - which will be published as a separate collection in the future.
We will also publish paperback versions designed for the mass market.


  • Aaron Simmons

    How will I be notified when the Definitive editions are released? Is simply being on the mailing list enough?

  • matthew baker

    Does this mean there will be a reprint of the mongoose collectors editions/extended editions, but will be cheaper to buy in soft cover. Only asking because even second hand they are asking £250 for :( thank you

  • jay wozny

    Howdy! Very much looking forward to this project and just wondered if there was any kind of update? Thanks!

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