Mydnight’s Hero - #23 Collector's Edition

Mydnight’s Hero - #23 Collector's Edition

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The King of Siyen has been assassinated. Prince Karvas is the sole heir to this rich and powerful realm but he lives in exile in distant Sheasu – the ‘Isle of Lost Heroes’. In his absence, evil Baron Sadanzo and his army of robber knights have staked their claim to the vacant throne.

In MYDNIGHT’S HERO, your quest is to voyage to Sheasu and track down Prince Karvas in the fabled city of Mydnight. Once found, you must persuade him to return with you to Siyen without delay. You have only 50 days in which to complete this challenging quest or Siyen will be enslaved by the tyrannical Sadanzo and his brutal henchmen.

This Collector’s Edition also features the Bonus Adventure Lost in the Kelderwastes, by Florent Haro & Vincent Lazzari.

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